I’ve Missed You So

Whew. 2019 is over and 2020 is almost a fourth of the way gone, and I haven’t posted a blog? What is that about??? Well. For those of you who are following my blog, but don’t know me personally… things have been rough the last 5 months. My family has experienced so much and my mom has been such a fighter.

She had been sick on and off, and nobody really knew what was wrong. They started with testing her gallbladder, then determined she had GERDS, but then she started having other complications. After many hospitalizations, ER visits, doctor visits, and urgent care visits over the last few months things made a turn for the worst. I was driving like crazy to a hospital, over an hour away. when a surgeon called me for permission to place an emergency drain into my moms brain. Her brain was completely swollen and he told me she may not wake-up with or without the procedure. Within 48 hours she woke up.

There have been many complications since she woke up and she has not been able to return to work. I took time off of work without pay and my brother’s plant was shut down during the holidays. We were SO blessed to have friends and family that came together and helped us with food, expenses, and other things during the last two months -from keeping Roxy to washing laundry while we stayed at the hospital. Hospital bills are piling up and we are just stacking them at the moment. We have not began our plan of attack, but have a GoFundMe for mom setup to assist.

Mom went to physical therapy for a few weeks and although it helped a little, she is not independent. We have struggled with constant nausea, memory loss, limb numbness, and other bodily functions. We are still searching for answers as to why she cannot walk yet. She was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and had a brain shunt placed after the emergency surgery and two week stay in ICU. She has had followups with her neurosurgeon and a new neurologist.

Her brain shunt will require monitoring and followup visits. She has always been such a strong, independent woman. It is hard to see her vulnerable and in pain. I have a Facebook page for mom to keep everyone up-to-date while we are adjusting to home life. If you believe in prayer, please pray that our family has patience and understanding throughout this journey.

I look forward to writing new blog posts for everyone soon! In the meantime, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.